Bad Fate

I am a person who seem unable to find "true love". My perception of true love isnt sophisticated or demanding, as long as I admire a person and the person admires me at the same time, we dated, we hang out, we share each other's life stories, including miseries agony joy and laughter, we get together, we hold hands, we do things each others like, we learn new things, we explore life, we live together, we keep each other company, sweet dreams, we become part of each other's life and most importantly we love each other without any reason. This is pure and innocent love I am always looking for. However, I failed. After 27 of my life, I came down to a conclusion, somehow it is fated that someone I admire would due to some reason does not reciprocate my innate feelings for her, whereas I do attract many girls who loves me unconditionally yet I do not feel the same towards them. I felt hopeless, I felt desperate, I never has the chance to experience "dream happiness", I was so hoping I could find one simple girl to whom I love and at the same time she loves me to live together. It became close to an impossible task. What should I do? These many failures had taught me to be in a relationship with someone to whom I do not love and learn how to love her. Should I do that? I felt like dying, felt despair, felt meaningless without love. Should I continue to wait for something impossible to take place? Why such love doesn't fall onto me? Am I such a loser?
infuriatezun infuriatezun
May 6, 2012