Love And Life, Risks Worth Taking

Yes, I am looking for love. I am uncertain that I will ever find the love that so many describe. I believe there are many ways to love someone but we all might agree that romantic love is the one most of us aspire to.

The reason I am uncertain is that our world is filled with people who suffer from lack of commitment syndrome.

There are those who will say you can feel it when someone loves you. You should somehow know without saying I love you that this person or that loves you. No, we are not a race of mind readers. We have been gifted with the ability to communicate, but now you convince yourself that saying I love you is too much of a risk or someone should know by some magical communication method called mind reading. I think not really.

So I ask you, where is the commitment? Why are we afraid of something that may or may not happen? Why is a broken heart so unbearable that we allow ourselves to be paralyzed by the fear of it. When did life start offering us a guarantee that if we are as careful as humanly possible, it will keep us from heartbreak. Never.

No we would rather be unhappy and unfulfilled than risk getting our heart broken or God forbid make a mistake. I am not suggesting it is easy, or should be. I am not suggesting you indiscriminately tell someone you love them. However, no risk-no reward is the way life works. Manageable, calculated risk is not an indiscriminate act or a sin. It won't end your life as you know it. It may even make you happier than you ever have been in your entire life. Isn't that worth taking a risk?

I am looking for love and I am a risk taker. I don't apologize for this in any way. There are many people I love in this world in different and very unique ways, but nevertheless I love them with the same intensity and reality that I would give to a romantic love affair.

Whether I find love again or not is the million dollar question. I do not have the benefit of time. I have the benefit of feeling confident in my skin and I have lived life in a way that allows me to find interesting topics to talk about when I do meet someone. I am mature enough to know what I know and wise enough to know I don't know everything.

If you are looking for love, lets talk about it, it is a great place to start.!
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1 Response Sep 8, 2012

Great way with words. I hope you find the love you are looking for. -Sunny

Excellent way to live. :)