Rescue Me

This poem expresses the condition of my heart. I wrote it of my own hand:

I stare into your eyes in this moment of bliss, desperately awaiting for us to kiss. All I want is to be loved but instead all I ever get is shoved around by women that play me I sit here and think why don't you just slay me you tell me all these words of lies and I know that trusting you would not be wise but I have no choice all I wanna do is hear your voice say those 3 words of love and give my world the peace of a dove but instead I'm here in bondage and chains, bound by my hearts shattered remains clinging to a small hope you could be the one but also fearing maybe we're done I don't know what to think all I know is the ship I'm on is ready to sink I could abandon ship and swim out to sea but instead I sit here waiting for someone to rescue me when I open my eyes you're no longer there so again starts my emotional despair just wanting to be loved by someone anyone I don't have the strength to run this marathon all I can do is sit here and wait and hope someone would even be with me in this state I lay there in blood kicked and defeated, wondering how its like this I've been treated when I always give my whole heart but girls just two time me right from the start am I so wrong for wanting a partner to share my life with and love ever after all I want is love I don't care who's but I don't see how nobody understands my views I'm a nice guy but we finish last and all I can do is cling to my past remembering the time that I once had love but at the end of the day when push comes to shove no one is there that I can see oh God please send someone to rescue me......
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

A very well written, emotional poem. I like the rawness of it....oh crap I'm sorry, I didn't mean to focus on your peotry...I'm sorry