Moc For Educated Decent Indian Guy , Presently In Germany

I am a bengali guy from Calcutta. I am basically gay but I am manly and also like the company of nice and friendly girls. Beside family pressure I also want to get married with a girl since I want to have my own kids. I am here since I dont want to cheat my wife at her back, neither supress my same sex inclinations. I want a healthy relationship of trust and mutual respect. Presently I am living in germany but will move to india in few years.I am highly qualified and presentable. So I really want to meet someone intellectually stimulating and presentable. I definitely want to have children of my own in future with mutual consent(if sex is not possible we can opt for artificial insemination).Every child deserves a loving family.I strongly believe that a child needs a mother and a father not two mummies or two daddies as no matter what people say that child will get questioned in the play ground by other children at some point and being bullied because that child has two mums or two dads isn't right. Thats just one of the many points in my opinion to why I personally want to raise a child with another woman.
I am not a sex addict and dont sleep around with strangers. I respect the idea of same sex love.
I am searching for a lesbian / bisexual girl(single/commited) for marriage.If she is also a bengali hindu it would be better since my family will be accepting it easily. However for me what matters most is mutual understanding which is possible only after interacting with eachother.
From my side I can promise life long love, friendship and freedom in our relationship. I respect women and can assure the same to you and your girlfriend(if u r commited)
If anybody is interested please mail me at or write me here so that we can proceed with it furthur.
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Have you found someone to marry? If you're still looking, I'm AvenArya here, with my own story. Drop me a line if it interests you to take this any further.
thank you.

Dear Friend

I am lesbian from India,Age-27.
Hindu by religion.I am master degree holder doing good job.
My parents are pushing me to get married.I am not comfortable with dating boys.I cant imagine to get intimated to male and have family.I dont wish to ruin anyone's life and so I have decided for M.O.C.
I promise to be your good friend and help u in every possible manner.Kindly revert.
Yours sincerely,

Where in india are u from. if u want we can chat and decide if we like to take in forward

Hey – have you checked out mocmatch . com - I have had some success on there. Good luck – I hope you find what you are looking for ☺ x

Thanks a lot for this information. Did u get married?

I was moved by your focus on children and your commitment to mutual respect. Too often those of us born and raised in America believe our liberalism is superior to all other ways of looking at the world, while at the same time claiming to be value neutral. We often have no choice other than to internalize cultural values, and your values are clearly different from the American rather individualistic perception of self. I hope you are fortunate enough to find a match that will allow you to live your life as a whole person with your own cultural identity, as well as a private life that meets your needs.