Im Gay Aged 24 , Seeking Moc In Two Years.

Im a gay from Kerala. Im committed with another gay who is working as a college lecturer . My family will start putting pressure on me soon to get married. So i wold like to get over it by marrying a Lesbian.

More about me
Im not at all girlish. Im a lil dark in color. I finished my Btech in computer Science from CUSAT. Now im planing to do Mtech. I would like to work as a college Lecturer in Kochi or Bangalore or any other metro city. I like to get settled in a metro city.
My concept about MOC
First of all I want to have a grand wedding ceremony with all my relatives and friends. This is all I could do for my parents. ( well I have COME OUT openly to my mom and dad. But they dont want me to marry a boy. They said they will die.).

After marriage its all up to her. I even don't ask her to stay with me if she dont want. I will respect her life, her privacy. I will be lucky if she has a lesbian partner so that she may not get lonely.
well these are not my strict concepts about life after MOC...

Since Im a gay i prefer a lesbian to a bi.

deepakmanu deepakmanu
Nov 28, 2012