Bitter Truth

Well the fact is I'm gay, another truth is I extremely hate this feeling. I dont have any boyfriend and will never have, wanna live a social life, wanna have my own family and possibly babies. Dont wanna hurt my parents and family, dont wanna lose my friends cuz they mean alot in my life so will never come out but tired of living a duel life, wish there is someone to cover me up, in return would cover her life and give her a strong security, warm heart, a smooth social life will be there for her in every step. No matter who you are as long as your femme. So need a femme lesbian for MOC. any one out there having the same situation? We can help each other.
natureloverr natureloverr
26-30, M
10 Responses Dec 12, 2012

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are you still in search for a moc?are you muslim?

unfortunately i am not Muslim...wish i was. i can turn myself Muslim if i get an understanding female friend for MOC. i am really in need of a lady :/

Are you still looking for someone to help. If so I'm going to be coming to Australia mid April 2014 on a years working holiday visa. Looking to stay on so this could be a good match

where r u coming from? why do you want to consider MOC? lets talk in detail.. email me at lovedotnature30 at gmail dot com

i m a 23 year old girl ....i am in love with a girl....its completely different....i dont want to get a straight guy...but i cant tell the truth to my looking for moc....not interested in relocating as i dont have siblings....i have to look after my dad me,,,seriouly need help ....can mail me-

are you still looking for someone..

yep still looking. im in sydney australia. where are you? let me know if u have got the same problem . we can help each other. u can mail me or give me yours.

hi there, I was looking for the same thing. Are you still available?

yep still looking for the miss right..pls mail me or give me yours..or skype cd.tri here hit me up.

Hi can you please let me know your email id. May be we have the same interest for MOC and would like to know if you are still interested.

thanks lovedotnature 30 at gmail dot com looking forward to hear from you..yeah i am still interested.

Hey – have you checked out mocmatch . com - I have had some success on there. Good luck – I hope you find what you are looking for ☺ x

still looking?

Hi u still looking let me know thanx

yeah desperately..would you like to give me your email or skype?? BTW my email is love dot nature at gmail dot com..looking forward

Hi i am 28 yo gay. highly educated good job and need to marry for family cover up. act fully straight. Looking for a great understanding person to enjoy my life with. please email me neil84 at

hello neil! still interested in what you are proposing? where you from?