Arab Bi Guy Seeking Open Minded Arab Lesbian

Hey ladies,

Basically I'm sure there are thousands of people in the same exact boat as me. I'm getting pressures from every direction to get married. I'm a good looking 30yo guy living/working in Dubai Background American/Palestinian.

I'm not openly gay and very manly acting. I've been seeing and dating girls however it's not working that way. I really need to find an open minded girl that relates to my situation.

If anyone wants to discuss this further contact me hitme0019 at hot mail com
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26-30, M
4 Responses Dec 15, 2012

w...t...f...somebody can marry me! even if its just for a green card lol

Hey – have you checked out mocmatch . com - I have had some success on there. Good luck – I hope you find what you are looking for ☺ x

Hey u. Thanks for your reply. ;). Can u email me some details about u ;). Hitme0019at hotmail

Hello, we're on the same boat here and have similar backgrounds. Please send me your skype account or any of that sort for better understanding. Looking forward :)