Lesbian Girl Looking For A Social Relationship With A Gay

I'm a Lesbian girl , having a very good relationship with a girl that I love and we are always looking forward to meet new people and good friends.

Living almost independent , successful in my carreer , friendly , responsible , respected, I love life and I'm very enthusiastic . I have a very good relation with my parents.

I'm joining this page to meet a gay with suitable life characteristics , for a friendship or marriage of convenience , so that we can help each others to have a normal social life since our own real social life is unfortunatly rejected.

I'm so satisfied with what I'm on, but I need to block all the judges and comments arround me regarding my personal life , to save my love , to be able to live without troubles ,to satisfy my family , and to help a guy also that may be facing the same problems...

If you are interested , please contact me .
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26-30, F
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i am interested

i am 27 years old gay and looking for marriage of convenience(moc). i study in uk and ready to support my partner financialy after marriage and relocate to any location we both want after marriage. i belong to well off and well educated family from pakistan but i keep on travelling around the world because i love travelling and sight seeing :) anyway if there is any lesbian or asexual girl who is also looking for MOC so please contact me asap. my email is studgr8@hotmail.com and my skype id for chatting is studgr8 THANKS CHEERS

I am interested, please contact me: yahiayassin@hotmail.com


Am a 30 year old gay, single, Indian currently working in US. I am looking for a girl for MoC. I am not sure if you would be interested in a non-Muslim guy, if you are, please get back to me to krishere82 (at) google mail (dot) com.


Hi there , I like what I read.
Maybe you will like my profile and help each other.

where are you located ?

Hey there :-) I am 21 and I am gay. I am looking for the same thing. Hit me on

I am still waiting my dear..looking forward to hearing from you

thank you krishmoc :)

Hey – have you checked out mocmatch . com - I have had some success on there. Good luck – I hope you find what you are looking for ☺ x

Hi im interested in similar......do reply if my profile interests you :), Regards, NickDelta.

34 yo hindu gay male located in US. Please email me at sd_us@yahoo.com and lets talk. Thanks

email me rainflakes2010 at gmail.com.............i am an asian gay man looking for moc. ..........thanks.

I am from Philippines and am not out gay, we have the situation, I am stable and I hope we can help each other. Please email at rolly_rosyat y.c

email me at lovedotnature30 at gmail probably we can help each other :)

wi there I'm leabese 2 , living on the carribean dutch citizen to much pressure its taking over my life,i hope 2 hear from you soon. i want a normal life, and id like a kid. hopefully. I'm just really tired.

What is ur email dear?

I am a serious good looking guy, totally in the closet. I would like to meet a feminine girl with whom we could have a marriage of convenience. My email is sedangr(at)yahoodotcom I am looking forward to hearing from you.

wil add u soon

When are you going to add me? Please send an email to the address: sedangr@yahoo.com

done dear .