Hello everyone, I am looking for a short term Moc with a serious lesbian girl. I live and work in Sweden and I am wondering if there are women from Europe that are using this website. I can see that most of the messages have been posted by Asian people. In case you are interested, you can write to me
sedangr sedangr
36-40, M
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Hey! I am looking for a short term MOC, probably for about 4 years. I work in the US, but am in the Navy so I am constantly traveling. I would love to talk more and see what your needs are and see what we can do for each other.

Hello, thanks for your reply. Could you send me your email? My email adress is the following: sedangr@yahoo.com


I am looking for short term or long term moc. I live in India but I can relo

I can relocate to Europe if other thing goes fine if you are interested please contact me at mirakapoor21@gmail.com