27 years old white guy, living and working as a doctor in the UK, well educated, looking for a girl for friendship and MOC.
andban14 andban14
26-30, M
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hello please contact me in my msgs. I am interested in talking more. Lesbian Italian Female 28 yrs old canada.

Do you mind 34 years Chinese christian lesbian doctor? Thanks

hello! Im looking for a gay guy for MOC. Im on my late twenties but I look way younger maybe because I choose to live an optimistic life :)... I love Arts in general... let me know if I seem like someone you would be interested in.

Hey if you are still interested send me a message :)

Hi, I'm Meghan, I would love to know more details. I am in the US navy and trsvel all the time, however am lookong for a MOC. Please Message me if you are still looking.