Hello! I am a 26 year old Vietnamese lesbian living in the US. Looking for a friendship that can lead to a MOC, something that will benefit us both in the long run, and make both families happy. I'm an easy going, laid back person, who loves trying new things. Currently getting my masters degree, and have a job that I love. If you're interested, contact me!
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26-30, F
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Hello, I am African, tall and good looking, educated and financially independent. I am looking friendship that will lead to MOC.

Hey there, good post. I'm originally from Africa and live here in the US around the DC metro area. I'll love to talk with you and see where this can go. i do well on my own and will like to share my life with someone. I'm definitely not looking for something fake to please people - I'll want it to be based on true friendship and long term companionship. Inbox me at tyrongaye@gmail.com if interested or still looking.

Hello, I'm a 25 year old African American male. I'm in the closet and appear to be heterosexual. I live on the East coast United States and willing to relocate. I'm also looking for a friendship that could lead to an MOC. I will inbox you my email address and we can go from there.