Indian Girl Looking For Moc

i am 23 and from India. I belong to a highly educated, academic focused and well earning family and i am looking for an Indian gay guy of similar upbringing withing the age bracket of 23-26 for an MOC.

The guy should be well earning, good looking and highly educated.

Personally message me if you think you are the one i am looking for.....
earnestly waiting to end my search !
ananya666 ananya666
22-25, F
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hey if ur still looking for a moc plz message me. im from a highly educated and respectable family and looking for a moc.

Hi, are you still looking? am from Australia

hi, still looking?


I share the same feeling as yours. 24 M Hindu and confused. Don't know what I am. Looking to catch up with people in similar situation. Buzz me if you have something to talk! :-)

Cheerful Joy

Hey if ur search is still in progress then i guess we should get un touch to make things work at vikassharma.iscoolattherateofgmaildotcom

Hi am 28 now ..if u r still looking for matches . ..let me know if discuss further

I hope you found person of your choice.


Dear Miss,
I am MBA working in US, Indian by birth, perfect looks, gentle, honest ,cool, fun loving, partially gay tendency, looking for a lesbian girl for MOC as well, lifelong companionship,. Looking forward to hear from you.

Hey – have you checked out - I have had some success on there. Good luck – I hope you find what you are looking for ☺ x

Hello I read wonderful story & please know I am overseas and have been in these out of the world situations where one is left in foreign country with no back ups desi abroad but feel free to check me on video & let me know what you think?