Looking For Lesbian In Canada?

Hi my name is Shaz(y) as my enfemme alias & yet as dressing as Shaz as male alias, after reading most MOC articles I being in North America for over a decade, just want to give all desi's FYI. Its not about one's social background or education yet how money one makes, or even daughter of a prime minister, in north America it is about one's as we say "okaath", boosting about yourself regarding status or the caste system will get you no where - simply post a picture of self and take it from there as word of advice. Back to my story..I am in search of girl but near or within reach of my area. I am 165 Kg mass & brown color for male but as enfemme I am wheatish complexion since my inner body is light, with rest of the body is wheatish. The reason for the 2 shades are when I go as male Shaz people only see my face everything else is covered either full sleeve shirt or pants but when I go as Shaz(y) my legs & arms sleeveless and bossom are exposed so there you have it. I have been living as a girl & guy for the last 8 months & it has been a mind boggling experiences to say the least.  I have low maintainence to minimum supervision as loyalty to give instructions or to take them too, you have to meet my comfort zone & vice versa and lastly the world in my eyes is a oyster how far can you go take me our limits have to be crossed.  I would like to get in touch with another OPEN minded lesbian but for males also welcome but no touch please can go to parties I will help you with other girl but I have to sort myself first.

Check utube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqszt0qjl-A
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Hey – have you checked out www.mocmatch.com - I have had some success on there. Good luck – I hope you find what you are looking for ☺ x

No not really Ity stopped checking online dating sites 3 years ago, believe in reality, but thanks letting me know!