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I was born to a Muslim family. Living here in the US, I find it really difficult to communicate with Muslims "by birth". I mean people who "inherited" this religion and the only reason they are Muslims is that they were born to a Muslim family. I think religion is a very important thing to think about. It's not something I'll just follow because my parents said it's the right path. This is the reason I admire reverts. They thought for themselves and didn't just take what their parents said without thinking. Many times I question things in Islam and try to find answers. Lots of Muslims "by birth" think this is inappropriate or that you are not being a good Muslim if you question things.
Islam has always been mixed with culture. This created lots of misunderstanding about Islam, being a violent religion, or oppressing women.. etc.. This also messed up people's priorities. For example, in many Islamic countries, the only way they express religion is by having a dress code for women and growing the beard for men. With all due respect, but I find this really superficial. There are lots of basic and core beliefs of Islam that are not being applied and people only focus on appearances. How about justice, equality, charity, being good to your parents, husband, wife, kids or even those who can't pay you back, loving thy neighbor?? what happened to all those qualities? why they are very rarely mentioned and what is talked about all the time is the dress code and growing the beard?
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Islamic countries do not express their Islam only be covering and growing a beard. The qualities that you mentioned are there. They're acted upon. Muslims help each other Alhamdulilaah and those who were born into a Muslim family have been blessed by The Al-Mighty. We should be grateful and adore those who went through trials before reverting. I just wanted to share that. Also, I really want to marry a revert. Pls send me a message if you know one. Jazakallah kheiran 😘

i feel the exact same way! i dont practice islam though i dont feel it in my heart

I actually have the same opinion.Most People who were born into Islam are less grateful of the fact that their parents had guided them from the Beginning. I was born in a Muslim Family and was taught to follow all of Islam, regardless of big or small. I find it hard to believe that some Islamic Principles are not followed; the people who claim to be "Mujahideen" are actually not. Islam commands us not kill any Man or Woman, regardless of Religion, Ethnicity and Views.
Islam should be Spiritual as well as Physical. Action without Spirit is dead and Spirit without Action is Useless. Thank you, Sister, for expressing your views so Boldly.

what you think,,, Islam is spreading very fast in U.S. Is that really true?

Yeah, I heard that too. Also in Europe. I just hope we Muslims can always be good representatives of this religion. This is not by looks (hijab or beard or whatever) but by loving and helping absolutely everybody.

100% agree with you,,,

you seems so much sensitive about this matter,, is there anything special happened in your life?

yes, I met lots of hypocrites. plus this is the main idea of this post after all.

:) great response.

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I am fully agree with you..A very good, truthful article you have written... I am also interested to find converted women regardless she is widow or divorced. If you know anyone please share contact with me at

Where do you live? I met a revert lady here on this website and she looks really nice. She lives in Europe. If you are in Europe too or ok with the distance, let me know. I can help connect you both and you take it from that point. good luck.

Salam,,,hope u r doing well,,,distance doesn't matter,,,please share,, may ALLAH be kind to us and make us synchronize and develop understanding with each other,,so that it may be beneficial for both of us,,,May ALLAH always bless on you,,,JAZAKUMULLAH-O-KHAIREN

Salam,,hope u r doing well,,,,I am looking for your kind response.


Sure. I'll do my best. I sent her a message already and will keep you posted isa.
May Allah grant you and her the best spouses and the perfect match.

Done. Please check your inbox. Good luck :)


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