Adoption Search And Reunion

I am in search of my child that I put up for adoption back in October 1978.I was in Shreveport,Louisiana and went through the VOA maternity home for unwed mothers although I was 25 years old and in fact married.

I realize that this is probably a long shot ,but for some reason I cant let this go .I just got serious in the last month and began looking on the internet.As a matter of fact it was on New Years Eve that I became obsessed with this search.

Anyone who has gone through this understands the feelings I am having but I have to be honest and say I am suprized at myself. It is if I just decided that NOW was the time to have this reunion ......not before NOW

It is almost as if she is calling me to come to her if she is close to me ...almost like she wants to say something really urgently.

I know I am looking for that magic wand to just wave and let this happen.I cant convince myself that it will probably NEVER happen.

I think when I gave her up I just felt like we would find each other in time but when she turned 18 it didnt happen.

Im pretty sure I have fooled myself into beliving she would be okay with me putting her up for adoption.I mean SHE is part of ME and I know how I would feel.Could I have been  so wrong ....maybe she isnt like me..

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Hi we have some similar information
A friend on face book site
Adoption search and reunited
I have 10/13/78
On my birth cert
But no place and time
I only have a sm amount of info but if u would like to reply maybe we could find out

do you had find her ?

do you had find her ?

do you had find her ?

message me..maybe I can help...