An Update...i Found Him.

I found my father ...

I just wanted to update my story...

The only information I was given was his name. Not a lot to go on... After years of trying to locate my birth father on my own, I hired a private investigator. Three weeks later I was speaking to the ex-wife of my fathers brother. After a long conversation she said that she would call his father to confirm if I had the right person or not. 

The next day when I called her again, she said, "I spoke to your grandfather and that is your dad." She gave me my grandfathers phone number and my brothers cell phone number. They both wanted to talk to me!

The day that I spoke to my father for the first time in my life... he told me he knew he had a daughter, but was never given the chance to be a part of my life.  He asked me if I had had a good life and if I was happy and told me he had always wondered about me. It was a good conversation, long silences and all. Before we hung up he told me he was glad I found him and that I could call any time.

Two months later I am getting to know him as well as my half brother and sister and my grandfather. We are planning to meet this spring.

Finding my father has changed who I am. I no longer feel unwanted and unloved. He has in his own way filled an emptiness and hurt inside me I never thought would heal.

I am not unrealistic about this reunion. My father is not perfect, I am not perfect...but in my soul I feel a peace and calmness I have never know. I am no longer the little girl without a real daddy. I am a woman who has found her father-a father who in his own way loves only a father can love his daughter.

So...that is my far.

GraceMarie GraceMarie
2 Responses Dec 14, 2009

hello never give up looking the way I found my father was on Facebook maybe he has other children that are on Facebook ask anyone with the same last name if they know anyone by your farther put in his name i hope you can found him I myself just found my father after 47 years I only knew this name also and now I share as much time with him his live in P.R and Im Florida but the feeling is wonderful or look under yellow pages online and make a few called if you have to now Im Writing a book good luck to you

Wow....I have been looking for my father for about 8 years now. I dont know anything other than his name. You said you hired a private investigator....could you possibly give me a name and a number for this person? I would greatly appreciate it! This whole situation has been emotionally tolling on my life. I am so happy for you! Thanks again!