I honestly don't know what my ideal man would be like ... some sort of strange hybrid cross between Lord Byron, Jack Nicholson and David Beckham.  

Nah ... on second thoughts I don't think I'd ever find My Ideal Man ... such a god hasn't been born I expect.  

Or maybe he has - sometimes we don't see what is right in front of us. 

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well it depends on your situation sylph ... could be sitting opposite you at the dining table, lying next to you in your bed, on the other end of the telephone. Or perhaps part of your circle on EP. Who knows?

Seriously??? .....this is so making me think......"...the very thing we need is right there...".....where?<br />
<br />
LOL ;) <br />
*Sylph is just being stubborn here*

haha ... yes Sylph .... sometimes the very thing we need is right there ...

Hmm...ideal man...such a paragon indeed.............maybe right in front of us???<br />
You are making me think, Bliss! ;)

yes gryfnn - so many men and so much choice! amusing is one word you can certainly use for them!

Men are so various ---It's really hard to make up one's mind about which one to choose. LOL--I think I'll shut up now-- There never seems to be any shortage of them---No matter how old you get... They can be so amusing......

well you are a lucky woman michelle! make sure you hang on to a good one!!

exactly rog ... I'd love a poetic, romantic, flamboyant sex maniac with the body of adonis<br />
<br />
but I'd probably end up with a drunken, loud mouthed, drugged up idiot who couldn't keep his **** in his pants and a voice like a ten year old boy!!