It Is Possible

I joined this group just the other day. Actually i stumbled on it while looking for a dating site. I was extremely lonely and feeling unwanted.
While on my facebook page, i saw a post, a post that i shared here inform of a question, about ignoring people who would give the world for us while chasing the wind. I reflected on it afterwards because it was was directed at me.

That day i tried to figure out who i had ignored in the past. Truth is, there is this guy we have been friends with because the brother and his wife are my good friends. I remember them trying to set us up in vain coz my mind was not on him. Suprisingly, the guy worships the ground i walk on!!
 So that evening he call to ask how my new year is going. That's when it HIT ME, HE IS THE GUY I HAVE BEEN IGNORING!!! I was very sweet that day and even agreed to go for a coffee date.

Long story short, I have now embarked on a journey. God willing, the journey to my future!!

Friends, I shared this to let you know that it is possible. I had almost given up hope of ever finding a good man. so, do not give up. God has someone for everyone. I wish you all the best.
tessin tessin
31-35, F
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Need a girl who is caring,loving,working nd God fearing between the age of 26-32 for a commited relationship that can lead to marriage.