I Want To Be Stronger

i want to be stronger. I just want simple things. Why It's so hard to have one person who understand you? Finally, I find myself so weak. I am in a net i cant escape. I have so much hope in my life and my family, but in the end I am a failure in my life. I always have faith in myself. I just want someone to have breakfast together, to talk to each other at night, to be there when the world is hard. I want to do the same to my partner who need the same and will truly appreciate. Is there any hope?
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There is..What you send out is what you receive. You send out desperation you will get users in return. You have to love yourself and be comfy in your skin even when the going gets tough. No-one is truly going to love and understand you if u don't or cant do it for yourself.
I noticed when I am positive I attract people who enjoy being around me but when I am negative I don't attract as many people and they are usually in a downer mood too.

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hi im justine im looking for partner

What I have gathered over the last few years is we are not the only ones. I am a very positive person and my energy is enough to carry many men and women, the problem with being too nice and, dare I say it, gentle, is those who want a free ride and will take one no matter what.

Our strength can only last for so long until you need to take a break, but life shouldn't be about giving out your strength or love to those who are not worthy of it; your whole being is about being yourself and attracting people who deserve to be in your company and please ALWAYS remember that.

This time of year can break the hardest being so the fact you are feeling like this is a normal response to the pressure of family and relationships etc.

Life and/or humans are terribly complicated, whether nature/nurture - we as humans have the means to bring-up our off spring to be decent law abiding citizens, however this doesn't work in so many cases and that's why we are looking at a world full of hate, anger, deceit, lust, the list goes on and on.

But reverting back to what I said in my last post, the most important thing you can do for you, is to love yourself and take some time out to get to know who you are and what it is you want, only then will you find like-minded people and those who you want to share your life.

OK, I hope what I write will help, even if just a little.

For the last few years I have taken time out to find myself, mainly due to my past but now, my future. For so long I kept attracting the wrong people, probably because I wasn't happy in myself and, had not found peace i.e. didn't have much love for myself which spells disaster if wanting to attract a decent member of the opposite sex!

So, for the last 3 years I have been looking at what I can do to get myself in a better place where:

a) I'm not desperate to find someone = attracting positive, real men
b) I like myself = happy inside
c) I am not vulnerable = attracting honest, reliable men

If you display certain character traits whereas there is some form of desperation due to feeling lonely or yearning for something more, the chances are you will scare chaps off or, worst of all, attract the wrong ones.

Just writing from my own personal experience and already I am seeing a huge difference in who I am attracting now and this comes from making positive changes in my life. It won't be easy but the hardest things never are - stick with it and smile :)

Thank lot for yr response. I am a person looks optimistic and gentle from the outside. Deep in my thoughts, I am a depressed person sometimes, like now, tonight. I am not sure I can attract anyone. It's a good place here to see some people saying their true feelings from heart.
Merry Christmas.