Are You In Jail , Married , Gay Or Dead ?

Because I sure cant find you ! And I have been looking for a while now, so I would really like it if you found your way to me or at least gave me a hint where you are. I'll come and find you ! In case you forgot (lol) . 47 and proud of it, long black hair .. 2 eyes both brown ! Bbw pretty smart and funny and all the other junk one is suppose to say here . Sooo you know what to do man of my dreams .. And btw Hurry Up ;-)
LillyLady LillyLady
46-50, F
3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

I like your approach Lilly I hope you have found him. Or better yet he found you swept you off your feet and took your breath away. You have my prayers for the both of you. If he hasn't found you yet he's a sorry SOB if he has he's a lucky SOB, because I know make his life a damn sight better. Good luck!!!

Lilly. You sound like a funny sexy beautiful lady. Call me if you like. 443-801-8101.

You are looking in the wrong places if you are looking in jail for a soul mate. Look for a man that will be there for you to hold and love and share life with. Send me a message if you like. Pullnfool69

Good morning , no not looking for my soul mate in jail or any other place described , am wondering if that's where he may be , cause he sure as heck ain't in my parts :-)

Where is your parts Lilly? I live in Maryland. Baltimore, i travel a lot though.