I love life. I like to be awake and going as long as I can. I was in the army and learned a lot while I was in there. Pretty much grew into an adult while in the service. I got out in search of expanding my knowledge only to be disappointed by the horrible ways of college. I was lost for some years when I fell in love with a beautiful women. We soon where together non stop doing everything under the sun. Child came then marriage then a house and then what I would call Monogamously challenged Moment occurred on her part. Seperation and thinking followed a lot of alone time gathering thoughts an feeling deep strong emotions. Friends and family support helped and guided me to see more clear and I discovered myself and things that I wanted in life. I have a plan now and am pursuing it with intentions to complete life goals. I know that love is not forever and am not seeking that I would like a life partner to share fun journeys and experiences be in the moment and not look back but forward. Self sufficient is the ultimate goal. Are you that person let me know or if you know that person let them know thanks
Gnoph Gnoph
26-30, M
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heartfelt indeed....

Awe. I'll keep an eye out for you. This is a great story. Sad, but heart felt. Thank for sharing.