~ EL O Vee Ee ~

I am sensitive and caring by nature,
though back me into a corner, 
I will defend myself,
my family is number one,
hurt them and you hurt me, 
I want a non smoker,
non or social drinker,
and had I gone wth my intuition in previous relationship things would've been different,
and my love not wasted on unloving people, 
my gut feeling rules from this day forward,
I will trust you,
no second prize if the trust is broken,
life is too short.
my circle of friends are very secure, 
I so dont need jealousy, 
my "army" is growing with people who know my kind of love,
who give and keep giving with no effort,
we compliment each other,
I give love to receive love,
its that simple

Post script

I found "the one'


SilverShells SilverShells
46-50, F
7 Responses Dec 15, 2008


female want marriage pm me and add me on skype talha.armani??????

You're damn right!

sorry kithukur, dont come in here very often, found him

peachy,its 9yce hearing from you..........here iam.......dont need 2 impress you with so many words since actions speak better than words. i have all those qualifications dear,

never a truer word said we all deserve love, some people just dont get it, what a better world we could live in! u keep on keeping on ss hugs

Its great to know what you want. I am getting there myself. You deserve the love you desire, we all do.