I Want To Be With Another Woman

I’ve been interacting with a woman named Denise.

Every so often I peek at the local lesbian personal ads. However, the other day I responded to one.

We’ve just been messaging so far. She gave me her number. I haven’t called her yet. But if everything continues going good we’ll be talking soon. And if that goes well maybe we’ll be meeting in person sometime in the near future. I’m taking it slow.

So far she’s hanging in there with me. She feels pretty comfortable.

She lives in Fresno, about an hour away from me. I prefer that she’s not from my same city.

By the way, I’m not doing this just for a sexual encounter. More importantly I want something profound. We seem to be looking for the same, friends and lovers situation.

But for sure getting to know each other and friends first.

I’m craving the connection. However, honestly, I’m not sure the timing is right for this right now.

I told her I plan to be honest with her about everything, and we’ll see what happens.

She knows about roomie.

But roomie doesn’t know about her. She can’t know because I imagine she’d have a big problem about that. She’d probably be hurt, jealous and pretty mad at me.

So I figure what she don’t know can’t hurt her. And I really don’t want to hurt her.

But that’s the truth, I want to be with another woman. Not just any woman though. We have to click, snap, crackle, pop. ;)

Right now my relationship with Corrina feels more like we’re just friends / roommates. I’m alright with that. She expresses that she loves me and demonstrates so in ways. We have intimate encounters sometimes. We’ve been partners a long time. We’ve been through so much. I care for her, but I confess I’m not in love with her presently. 

Sometimes we seem in agreement about being just friends, but she can’t seem to stick with that, because she continues to refer to me in ways that express that she still claims me as her woman, and she gets jealous about me interacting with other people.

I’ll figure out something so as to avoid drama. However, that might prove complicated.

I’ll keep this a secret as long as I can, and when the time comes, I’ll probably tell her Denise and I are just friends, that we met through work or classes, and that we’re going to hang out sometime. Even knowing that alone is probably going to be a problem with Corri.

Well, that’s pretty much true though because at this point Denise and I are just friends. However, I’m open to more if the connection is right and the feeling is mutual.

Even if it doesn’t turn out to be Denise, I’ll cross paths with my lover woman eventually.


TheButterflyMind TheButterflyMind
31-35, F
May 6, 2012