Patricia (room For Happiness)

Denise is no longer my potential secret lover.

Apparently, we didn’t click.

Oh well, on with the search.

That’s where Patricia comes into the picture.  :)

She responded to my personal.

We’ve been getting to know each other. We’re taking things slow. Good sign... she isn’t turned off by anything I’ve shared with her so far. I was honest with her about my roommate/girlfriend situation. She asked about the specifics and I told her everything. That didn’t scare her away.

Actually, she said she finds me interesting. She expressed the desire to meet me. She lives an hour’s drive away. She mentioned about taking a drive down here next month so we could meet. *smiles blushing fanning myself*

She gave me her number. I sent her a text earlier. We’ll be talking, too, some time.

I find her interesting, too, particularly for the fact that she doesn’t find me strange lol. So far so good. She feels comfortable to interact with.

Honestly, I feel somewhat nervous thinking about meeting her in person.

But we’re mutual about no pressure. We’ll be meeting to hang out as friends, go out to lunch or something, but if the connection is right we’re open to whatever.

However, I prefer to keep strictly friendship in mind right now. I think that will ease the awkwardness of meeting. That feels more comfortable.

I’m brainstorming about how to set this up with Corri so that she won’t pose as an obstacle with me interacting with Patricia. Corri often times tells me to socialize because I’m somewhat of a homebody, but when somebody else actually does come into the picture she gets pretty jealous. In the past she’s even gone postal because of me talking to other people. I hope she don’t go there again. Otherwise, I might seriously consider going my separate way. I won’t tolerate her jealous tirades anymore.


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