Older And Wiser

Twenty two years ago, I thought I had found him.  I never expected perfection.  I knew that he had flaws which I had to accept and learn to deal with.  What I should have known was that in accepting these flaws, I shouldn't have had to give up so much of who I was in order to have him in my life. One day I woke up and couldn't stand the woman that I had become because I was with him.  I had to save myself so I let him go.  He was the love of life.  In loving him so much, I allowed every sense of my being as a woman and a mother to slowly be chipped away.  Now I am older and wiser.  I don't know if a soulmate exists for me.  These days I'm not sure if I believe in the term soulmate anymore.  I've become smarter and have more clarity.  I hope and pray that the next man I call my lifelong mate will embrace and celebrate who I am as a woman and a mother and help me build upon it instead of tearing me down.    

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

I totally let the last guy I was with run my life. I had lost 100 pounds after my divorce, look great felt great! I met this guy...In the begining I thught he was too good for me...He made fun of me for drinking this shakes for breakfast...So I stopeed drinking them...I ate ground turkey insted of hamburger....boca burgers skim milk as well as many other things...He won't touch them...So I started cooking differant so he would eat with us. He never would go for a walk so I stopped walking to watch movies with him.. He was a larger man 400 pounds. Why I gave up on the stuff that mattered most to me I have no idea. Maybe it was because he said how beautiful I was and put me on a pedestal! He told me we were soulmates and would be together forever!!! Well..2 years into the relationship, I gained back all the weight I had lost. I was very unhappy...Part of me wanted to move on...part of me didn't want to hurt him...Guess who got hut a 1/1/2 after that....Me....He had found another woman...he said could offer him things I could not...Love, compasion and spirutiality...He tried to lie in the begining saying we neededt otake a brake from each other to find ourselfs and then start dating again later. After I found out about the other woman, I knew it was over for good....Didn't make things easy...But its been 2 months now and I am happy and learning so much about myself!!!!