Albeit Not Actively

IF I found my soulmate tomorrow, I'd be delighted. However, I don't intend to waste another minute of my life waiting for him to turn up - he's late enough already LOL!
Bring him on!
But until then, I'm gonna kiss some frogs and have some fun.
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2 Responses Aug 4, 2010

frog or fun?

Too late?<br />
I used to believe in soul mates and all that until halfway through my second marriage when I came to realize that we are all wishing for it in vein. The only time we will ever see our true soul mate is when we look in the mirror. We need to love ourselves more then we love anyone else in this world or we will never be truly happy. If we depend on our so called soul mate to arrive and change our world, we will forever be looking. If we have a significant other who enjoys the same things in life that we do, then we should consider ourselves lucky to have someone to share our life journey with.<br />
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