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Will It Ever Be

Tears are held even thou i wish i could i let them out, i can not let them out cause i have cried over so many heart breaks. felt as thou i will not make it after my heart was trampled upon so many times, indulged myself with broken hearted songs, sang out loud "love won't count me out "by brandy, humming rolling in the deep by Adele. WILL I EVER
Be loved because i am me and when he looks into my eyes all he can see is everlasting happiness, will i ever be loved so that that butterfly feeling takes control every time i wake up beside him every morning, will it ever be me that sings " he loves me". will it ever be me that's spotted walking hand in hand with him across the park. WIIL IT EVER BE ME
will he hold me cause he can, grab me into his arm cause he wants too, look beyond my flaws cause he has too, could you find me a soul mate that would not only heal my wounds but remove my scares, could you find me a man that i know for sure that i am from his rib, could you find me a soul mate that could make me laugh so hard that i beg him too stop. could you find me soul mate that when tears roll down my face his world stop just so he can bring my smile on my face back, could you find me soul mate that when i bow down and pray we both say thank you God.
tshepo87 tshepo87 22-25, F Aug 27, 2011

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