Someone To Share Everything With.

Up until a few years ago i had no reason to think about a future, i had given up on ever really being happy, but then something changed and i found myself being able to think about a life for myself.
Since then its been an uphill struggle trying to improve myself and figure out who i am, and if im honest i still dont know for sure what im doing.
Some days i want to travel Europe, other days i want to live in the states, sometimes i want to go back to college while other times i want to just settle down and find a good job. The one thing i want that never changes is someone to share everything with, someone i can love and will love me back, someone who knows me better than i know myself. If i can find that then nothing else really matters, i can live anywhere, work anywhere and be happy with whatever life throws in my direction.
It doesnt matter where im going in life, just who im going there with.

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I love that last sentence ! ... I hope you find what/who you are looking for.


Hope by now u found your soulmate

no.. i still drift through life alone

That is also happening with me sometimes... thinking of doing so much things and going to some other place, but it is a fact that if I just find someone to be with and share every dreams i have... i know that someone special will only be the one to give me satisfaction in everything!

your situation is my situation too..I'm 30 and got worried the pressure "are you married?" " when will you get married?". I really feel empty!

Not to be a douch...but I've read a few of your stories so far and I only say what Im about to because there is a really genuine quality about you that appeals to me...<br />
I just read the story you posted in I'd rather be alone than with the wrong person and then I read this one... <br />
With real, true love you are are putting too much on the other person making you say nothing else with will be will work anywhere.. you've already changed yourself for the other relationships you have been in. You need to live where YOU want. Work where YOU want, do what YOU want, then and only then will you find this person you are looking for ;) And if you don't know what you want, take some time to try new things and figure it out. I associate with what you are saying completely, but I also just spent the last 10 years with someone that I changed myself for...I thought these same things, and I did them. And I felt lost, and unwhole and not like myself. Just my angle.

Well, living anywhere, isn't changing who I am.
I do understand what you're saying though.
It's just that in the past, all wisdom has gone out the door when I've met someone who I connected with.
I don't think taking time out to find myself will work, because finding yourself is a process that lasts your entire life. Not some achievement to aim for and then move on to something else.
I've also been reading some of your stories, and I see some of you in me also.
Thank for your comment, they will always be welcome :)

I have to say when I was writing my above response I felt a bit like a hypocrite, as I had a rebuttal argument in my mind, and your answer was my exact rebuttal. I agree with you completely ;)
Before I saw you responded I was actually on my way back to say...never mind because if you find someone you connect with – not sexually – but way beyond – than everything I said doesn’t hold true.

Well do me a favor and don't delete it.
It belongs there now :)

Head over to Asia....look up full moon madness. You will not be disappointed. The madness at the beaches of Thailand are carzy. Whats even more insane is that everyone there is from a different country.

good luck..we are on the same boat..:p

Glad to hear you are going to do some travelling and see the world (so cool its with an Ep friend too!) - how the heck could you miss France?? ! Just learn to fake another accent! Japan would be extremely cool - and yea, I know you are joking about the married comment - but you never know! Maybe shes a super cool Japanese chick you met at the local karaoke bar - or she could be another traveler you bump into taking snapshots of Mount Fuji! <br />
Wishing you all the best :) Jelli

France: ok...I do not like the government, but I do like the country...when you get out of the city.
Japan: I am more asian than anything else. I do not date Asian girls...but I would Japanese. I do not consider them Asian. They have their own category..

BTW....I do not bash or dislike any citizens from any country. When I say I do not like a country it is because of their politics. I apologize. I do not dislike the French at all...just thier goverment.

Its all good red - I didn't think you were being prejudiced or anything :) I studied art history so my thought in regards to avoiding France was - What?! And miss the Louvre!? I wouldn't let whatever I thought of their politics stop me from seeing the Mona Lisa and the Raft of the Medusa etc etc but Iv always cared more about art :P

Brother, I am 43 and am going though the same thing. I do know how you feel. I am the same way...thats actually how I ended up in South Carolina. Jellibenz is right. Dont let it stop you from doing anything. You may meet that person on one of your journeys.<br />
<br />
Where in Europe do you want to go? I was raised over there and moved to the U.S. around 1990. Right now there is a sale on tickets to the U.K. for 400 round trip from JFK. You could then get a Eurail ticket and travel all over for next to nothing. Its what I did during my spring and winter breaks. I miss it, but I heard it is not the same anymore.

@ redpheonix - id like to travel anywhere anytime, except france lol
btw im english ^^
@ jellibeanz - im already planning a trip to japan next year with a friend i met on EP. I love Japanese culture and im not coming back until im married ! j/k
@ aces - thank you, as always your comments cheer me up :)

LOL....I love it over there. I prefer Singapore over Japan. Japan is cool and everything but it seemed a bit snobish. Get out of the towns and go into the mountains in Japan. Its alot nicer and friendlier. Also, there is more culture, just not as much to do other than walk, talk and enjoy the enviroment. I hate the French. I hope they go to war and ask us for help. I would say...remember when we wanted to fly over your country during desert storm? remember when we wanted to put some ships in your waters or station a refueling plane in your airspace? Bunch of knuckle heads....sorry you got me going now. lol...I am going to quit while I am ahead. I guess you do not need a plane ticket to the

I do??? Awwww... blushing now.... teehee
What a kind complement. Thank you D :-)

Well put friend :-) <br />
Home is where you make it, and that can be most anywhere. <br />
Sharing a life with that special person would be like saying, <br />
"Wherever we go, whatever we do, when we are together, I feel like I am home with you."

I hope you find that person :)<br />
But in the meantime, don't let them not being there stop you from doing some of that other stuff too.