Yeah, Where Are You?

I want a meaningful relationship both mentally and physically.  I want someone to complete me.  I want him to be interested in me, to learn about me, to seek out things that I like and dislike.  I want a passionate evening together.  I want to go see movies, shows, and concerts that he likes, and I hope that he wants to do the same with my interests.  I want to shower him with love, challenge him, make him laugh, and make him love me.

Quick edit: "Constant" made a very keen comment, and just cannot be more on the ball.  You are right!  I realize that no one can 'manufacture' love.  It is there, or it is not.  It is self-deprecating to even consider making someone love me.  If you can't see that there is so much to love, the loss is not mine to have.  :-)  Yes, girl power!  Rock on, Constant.
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"make him love me"<br />
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I wish I knew a better and more delicate way to say this, however, love is not something that can be forced. I know you are a smart woman and that you realize this, perhaps this sentence and choice of words was a slip? Perhaps it was an subconscious thing and truly is what you've done in the past or think you are capable of doing or must do? <br />
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When you meet someone you will like them more or less via what they do to you and for you and what that makes you want to do to and for them, your interaction together. However, love is something that either happens or does not and I'm sure you realize this. There's not a man out there, no matter how much he loves you or what he does for you that can make you love him if you simply don't possess that kind of 'love' for him. <br />
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Now ... once the love is there and is mutual it takes work and sometimes you have to 'make' things happen i.e. liking them when they have you quite angry, etc. <br />
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In the end, we all must be careful not to 'manufacture' love or 'levels' in relationships. This always ends up in disaster.

Do you find that you tend to want the guys that don't reciprocate your attention and interest (i.e., the out-of-reach guys?)? Your post seemed to indicate that you believe you need to "make him love" you. But shouldn't love for you come as naturally for him as your love for him? Sure, there will always be some measure of disagreement, but if it's too much work (for one person or the other) eventually you'll get tired. That's what happened to me. I was married once. But after three years of dating and a year and a half of marriage I realized one day that I was just flat out exhausted--too exhausted to continue on; too exhausted to try once again to fix things. So, I guess there's a really fine balance to healthy romance. <br />
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I think I tried to make her love me; in my case all I succeeded in doing was forgetting about my own self-worth and dignity as I did everything, put up with everything, just so that she'd love me. So be careful. <br />
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Your brief posts paint you as a woman who has a lot to offer, so don't sell yourself short!