Hurts To Be Alone...

So I'm 25 male seeking a woman ,and have been single for a long time.... I have been on a search for a true soul mate for a long time and so far cannot find her... I'm a straight man and could only be with a woman... It pains me frequently to not have her.... I don't know who she is or when I will meet her..... all I know is she is out there maybe reading a book or washing her dishes... She is going about her every day life just like me.... I'm sick of fling girlfriends that are afraid of commitment and have issues with getting married... I have had two yes only two girlfriends since I was 15 and now I'm almost 26.... I was engaged both times and both times I was horribly dumped and hurt.... I don't do one night stands... I believe in true true love and want to find it!!
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Even i believe in true love and feel very lonely coz i don have love in my life... There are many guys wno do want me in their lives, some are even serious... But i donno how love happens and u tend to like a person.. I m waiting for dat to happen again.

The time will come, you will meet her :] You are young, and your life is still fully ahead of you. Don't give up! With a little patience, you will meet that lovely lady who will change your whole world, best of luck ^^

Good luck!<br />
i wish the best For you. <3