Will I Ever Find a Soulmate?

I have had my fair share of heartaches, like just about anyone else.  I get this terrible envious feeling when I am with, or talking to my married friends.  Then I feel guilty for feeling that way.  I would never do anything to sabbotage them, but I get upset and curious and I want the  opportunity to experience what they have.  I want someone who will help me up when I fall, someone to tell me that everything will be ok, even when it seems impossible.  I want to bring out the best in someone and have the same in return.  I seem to select losers to fill my time with and I go on this mission to try to save and/or help them. Sometimes I feel like the odds are against me because I have a child and am single.  I just dont want to die alone and I would like to meet someone that I can grow with.

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I Must agree with some of the contributions on here the gist of which is: STOP TRYING TO RESCUE OTHER PEOPLE! I have been there too as it was natural to me as I come from a "dysfunctional" family; but seriously stop it you will NEVER find happiness this way. Unless you can accept someone as they are NOW then get away from them. This sounds hard but as a wonderful friend told me: you need a partner: not a project. This was wonderful advice and I took it!

Lets talk.

You do have your child, invest wisely and compassionately in them, love them and be a wise teacher. Your actions will come through and others will notice, they will notice your character and your values, your child is in a way is a advertisement for you. Put thought and truthful effort into such, it is not so much who we are but what and how we do it that counts. Your young yet, good things don't happen instantly or overnight.<br />
Keep your Standards up, put some polish in both you and your child, people will notice.

just incase any of you find your solemate be warned, they can be lost just as easy as anyone else, even when you think they will never let you go.

No, you can't. I thought I did when I got married. Now I just exist in a marriage jail waiting for my kids to grow-up and start their own life, so I can start my own second life. I think the true soul mate does exist, but only for a short time. Eventually all good things must end.<br />
<br />
Sorry if that is too jaded a point of view, but its my personal experience.

At least you are being honest about being jaded so kudos to you. Most people will not admit to being jaded. I know I sure the F am!

I can well imagine what u r going through........ May you find someone good :)

Caryl... I am going to take your advice. Thanks for sharing - I will be very interested in the outcome....As they say can't win if you don't try.... and at this point I am ready to try anything that will help me reach my goal !

Me too Caryl... I will check it out as well.... thanks for the tip!

That's what I always did too.... I ALWAYS seemed to find the one guy that needs "saving". I have tried so hard to figure out the perfect way to find someone like me. Someone who respects what I respect and who in turn respects himself. After searching and searching I finally did find the right path to help me find my soul mate... Do what I did, it certainly helped me and it might help you as well. Go to this website and check it out: www.haydendane.com you will be amazed out just how easy it is to find the right person for you<br />
Good Luck, and I hope that WE all find the person we are searching for<br />

I know how you feel I'd hate to die knowing I don't have no one to miss me

I know exactly wha you mean, I too had bad relationships. right now I have been taking a "sabatical" from deep relationships, I too used to pick men that needed "saving" I think because If they needed me they would stay. This of course turned out to be wrong they took what they could then ran. take the ime to know what you want and don't settle for less! otherwise It becomes a circle you never break!