Love Trap

People these days always in love. With this person or that. Always with the love songs about how theirs is gonna last forever. Obsessed with other people. Always chase it but never quite catchin up. But funny. They always seem to find sex along the way. Love is not merely an emotion but many times, moreover, an action. John 3:16 may be the ultimate expression of Love. I'm talk about love. A gappe. You're talk about Aros. Until Christ showed up, suffered, died, and live again, so that we all may be saved, people talked about love the way you do. Aros. The love of an ideal mate based on a erotic passion. And Philos, the kind of brotherly love that we should have for each other. But after they saw what Christ did, they saw that love really is. A gappe. A self less love. Ultimately commitment. That's love. This is Action. What you're telling me about is merely a type of infatuation with what you think you see and like. But you honestly don't know if you're meant to be together now. I have established a covenant of marriage with my wife of which the ongoing strength of this commitment has lasted 32 years and counting. And even if I fail, in my commitment to love these very flowers that I plant today, now matter what happens, they will wither and fall. God tells us that love is commitment. Love is passion. More less what is popular today. And the devil...make no mistake...he's a real popular fellow. (I came here to ask you practical advice about my girlfriend, but with you, everything seems to go back to God)...God is the author of all things. It all goes back to Him, whether I say so or not...(How do you know that? How do you know God is even real?)...Do you believe that love is real? (Yes)...Then so is God. Bless you. I've done my best. I believe you have the advice you seek....
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This is so interesting, and you are such a deep thinker! I really enjoyed reading this and it made me think about my own situations in life, and my own beliefs. Thank you for writing this. Its very thought provoking.