Something Satanic

There is a fundamental truth about relationships. Recognising each other in the dark! Humankind has an Opponent who places many things in our way so we have trouble finding contentment, even sexual contentment.

Recognise this?

She desires sensual stimulation. He craves prompt penetration. She requests soulful titillation. He suggests intoxication. She wants unhurried bodily sensations. He's still trying for immediate penetration. She wants to touch affectionately. He wants his ****** immediately.

He finds lovemaking a thing of beauty. She considers it a tiring duty. He's hot, sexy, passionate, and wired. She's cold, cranky, disinterested, and tired. He wants her passion to soar on high. She accidentally thinks of another guy.

He wants her so badly he can no longer take it. She's too tired so she decides to fake it. He's trying to make love erotic and slower. She can't wait to get the whole thing over. He's thinking about a woman at work. She's thinking that she married a jerk. He has more fun when he's using his hand. She can't believe this is 'the promised land'.

She's finally started to feel some sensations. He's just completed his ***********.

She wants an emotional connection. He wants to read the business section. She wants to talk and build rapport. He's rolled over and begun to snore.

The ego constantly compels us to engage in selfish sex and self-absorbed behaviour. The result? We achieve short-term pleasure, long-term emptiness, and increased distance from the Light of happiness.

That is what is Satanic. The way our ego acts out in phases of our lives.
ToiledAraignee ToiledAraignee
22-25, F
Dec 10, 2012