Thought I Found Him...

I thought I found my soulmate six years ago, but it turned out to all be some sick dream.  We had so much in common that I told myself it was good to be true.  I believed that we'd somehow end up together.  However, that was my naivity talking because he managed to disappear from my life.  I still struggle with that now, six years later.  I miss him.

I'm still optimistic.  I believe there's someone out there for everyone.  However, I'm just scared that I lost MY soulmate. 

Hopefully, that's not true and I'll find someone who can make me as happy as he made me.
qlcrisis qlcrisis
22-25, F
1 Response May 21, 2007

Where did he go? Did you ever find out why? It sounds like it would cause a lot of confusion in your mind if he just vanished! I'll say this though - your true naivety is not was not in believing that you'd end up with him. The true naivety is to believe that anyone can *make* you happy. Only you are responsible for that. Perhaps when you were with the man who is now gone, you gave yourself *permission* to be happy, but our deep emotions come only from within.