Where Are The Real Men Nowadays?

The man who knows what is to be the real. The man who can take care of his lady and never talks a lot. Where is the man who can understand his woman without single word, just when he looks into her eyes?
Where is the man the real one who can understand the feelings of a woman?

For the one who didnt deserve me (For you, Q....)!
I regret about every single second I gave to you...
Ur words: "I understood what is the happiness only with YOU, gave me a hope that U'll stop lying and playing around".
I regret about my attitude that treated U as a king. I regret about every my drop of tear which falled down for you.

Attn: For the men who is looking for serious relations, who want to have a real affectionate understanding honest but a bit caprisious woman, feel free to contact....
Aziza32 Aziza32
31-35, F
2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

I'd like to be the man you are looking for. Dave

have you checked the friendzone?