To Me...

I believe  there is a soulmate for every single person out there. But wether you ever find that person or not is a different line of thought entirely. To me a soulmate is the one person who makes you feel whole and complete. When you're with that person nothing else matters and all your insecurities and hardships just fall away. You can't imagine life without them and all of a sudden those silly ideas about 'happily-ever-after' don't seem so silly anymore. I'm confused as to wether this person is your lover or if you can just be friends, any ideas? I haven't met my soulmate yet, much as it pains me to say it I don't have all the answers.
Faile Faile
18-21, F
3 Responses Jun 13, 2007

To choose is to be with intent or directional purpose. Did you choose your thoughts? Your dreams? Are u capable of such lucidity? Most of us are being spoken to through so many mediums we just fail to see whats really right in front of us on a daily walk across the street all the way through our digital devices. Its Ironic how so many can actually articulate their ideals and then log off only to step right iver the very bounty their hearts desired and sould need of nourishment. The Ment to be is so easily identifiabke we cliud iyr judgement with jaded ideal and appeals if other. If your nit seeing all the signs being castes in front of you and are deaf to your heart, whats the point? Kinda like seeing the safety is off as you continually peer down your loaded gun. Foolish!

I'm not really into the concept of soulmates, but if they do exist, I believe they could be friends or lovers--anyone who makes the perfect connection with one.

I think that my favorite saying about love is that it isn't a state of being, it's a choice that you make every day. I think that you know you have found someone for you when the choice isn't a hard one.