I Think I Already Found Him..

But already lost him again.
I only knew him from the internet. But we kinda really loved us. We cried, laughed, sang together... We often had the same thoughts.. It was kind of spooky from time to time... We understood eacht other.. Then he met his girfriend and somehow we didn't talk this much anymore...
Now I talk to him twice a year for 2 minutes or something.. It's not the same anymore... It's a pitty!
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1 Response Jul 29, 2007

Yeah... it has happen to me too... except we dont talk at all. Its so sad how two good friends can forget eachother...<br />
I suspect that maybe there is some fault for your friends girlfriend too...maybe she didnt want that her man socializes with a girl who he feels so close, maybe she felt threttened. It was just a thought...probaly isnt true but it could happen.