Is It Real?

Do soul mates even exist? Are they really out there?
SomeOneInTheWorld SomeOneInTheWorld
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2007

It does it is, queation is.. Can you feel it enough to know?

I suspect it depends on how you define the concept of a soulmate?

I agree. for most it wont exist, simpmy due to the fact their always in a state if discontent, looking past whats been infront of them the whole time worrying about if there is something better. Now wanting more for yourself isnt a bad thing, the tragedy is realizing what you had cuz u couldnt ***** value and worthiness in the NOW/Present.. Then to realize what is what and do nothing but wine on line or to others and never grabbing that platinum ring. You didnt deserve what was so graciously provided to you from God. Yeah Unworthy. Truly said the cries are all heard and answered, and amidst all the self loathing not only do you not see what just past you by via your own walking away wailing but then life has been expired and there you were Lifes bounty all at your feet ingredients to all that glistened in pure bliss, but for so many just missed.