100 Years to Live

a plethora of mistake ridden boy toys are the extent of my love life since the age of nineteen. spiritual, open, mellow i am with lustful eyes, kindness, compassion and fervor for each day, yet compatability seems to have escaped all sights of me. rest assured i have not met him yet, i ponder, wonder and wait for the answer, for him to be revealed that one day, by god's grace. it will be wonderful, sweet, a lollipop of happen chance where all you wish to do is indulge in every last taste, to see what the middle is all about, the heart, a gum drop or one of those dead caterpillars as the epicenter of those weird hispanic suckers. my man will be either of the two, preferrably a lovely bubble gum center, with a bubbly spirit and appealing taste. a child so innocent, mind like a sponge, karma like that of buddha, life happens, dabbled in relations and now i am here, splayed open on this canvas of vulnerability, ready to make the move toward finding self, then sharing self with another inspirational, athletic, kind, believing, fervent, goal oriented other being a tad older and can hold me accountable. i pray for this and he can have my soul.

tessagirl tessagirl
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 21, 2009

Very beautiful story... i hope you'll find yousr soulmate ;) Don't loose hope!!