I Want Someone to Love

With so much love to give, in every sense, in need to find a significant other. After I divorced in 1994 I spent my life focusing on myself and my needs. it's time to give and share my love with another. I never had children, so I hope I find someone who has children. I really yearn to be a wife again.  

RubyTewes RubyTewes
31-35, F
4 Responses Mar 21, 2009

I have similar experience just like you. I divorced last year after I did not see my ex for some years. Complicated relationship. I don't have children but i really love child. After divorced, my life totally change. I feel so alone. But i believe that someday I will meet someone. As my friends or my soulmate. Don't give up...

I know it can get discouraging at times when so many days weeks months and even years go by'<br />
holidays events that were once joyful become agony<br />
Only those who truly LOVE to celebrate and enjoy and decorate every holiday the way i do would understand the agony of this<br />
<br />
You have a friend in me!

i can be there for you

JJ - you will find this. I know you will. You are a great person - don't give up this dream :)