Would Be Nice

I am an idealist in that I always think that my life will get better at some point and that includes finding the right person to spend my life with.  This person would be friendly, smart, energetic, attractive, and goal-oriented.  They would have their own life and not be clingy or overly dependent.  Not that I don't want a close relationship but I have career interests and I would want the same from a woman.  I'm really jumping the gun since I don't have a girlfriend or even a date planned.  But hey, a guy can dream right?  Or is that only for women? 

ReformedAutomaton ReformedAutomaton
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10 Responses Aug 20, 2007

I do flirt back with women often but I don't make it past that. I am at a loss to initiate things past flirting, when I can tell that a woman is flirting with me. I am mostly just venting about my past, which has been darker and I've been more depressend than I am now. I'm happier now and I think I'll find someone soon but in the meantime I'm still venting...thanks for your compliments, you are very sweet yourself :-)

OMG....you are not deformed, and it does not seem like you have serious issues! Dont be so mean to yourself! Lots of people have the same problem as you they just dont want to admit it, I admire you for admitting all you have. Sometimes we just have to take a chance, and be determined to change something, blah blah blah. Are you sick of hearing that? Next time a girl flirts with you, try, even if you dont think you can, to flirt with her back and see what happens! Your a cutie pie, and really seem sweet!

I don't need an apology, it's just a fact that most people don't go 11 years without a relationship unless they are deformed or have serious issues (which I guess I do).

uh...sorry I feel your pain

I know but coming from my perspective it certainly comes more naturally to others.

it doesn't all come naturally for anyone. hell, they should write a hand book for half of the complicated crap we all go through in relationships. i swear one day i'm going to write a book called 'THE GAME OF LOVE' and make a million dollars.

Part of my problem is the whole men pursue/women flirt thing. I am not very good at pursuing and I mostly can't tell when a woman is flirting or when she is just being nice. I am not good at playing this game that seems natural to most other people.

some women are stupid to pass you by. and i have dated a few jerks and i would just like to kick them in the nuts and start all over again. my first love and my current are definitely the nicest guys i've been with. some women just like that whole macho attitude thing, but it actually drives me nuts. i love nice guys.

The famous quote is "A girl can dream, right"....It's not easy for me at all to talk about it but I haven't had a girlfriend in 11 years. Most people seem to have an easier time going on dates, hooking up with people, etc. It all seems to pass me by. Women don't like nice guys at all.

yeah, you are allowed to dream, why would that only be for a girl. and eventually you will find the right person. you just need to keep on searching. you never know where you'll find somebody. one of my bf's i met in highschool, and my current one I've known since middle school, then I didn't see him again for a while, then i ran into him at a movie theater. go figure.