Two Definitions Of Soulmate.

Hello Everyone,

I decided to join this group because I too am single. But now I am re-thinking that there are two definitions of Soulmate that is out right now. There is the metaphysical one which means that someone related to you in your current life was with you in a past life. Then there is the dating version of soulmate, which is looking for someone to marry. Either way, I think that I am still apart of this group.

In real life though, I am not looking to date someone at this moment. The reason is that I am going back to school and working at the same time.  Dating, like any other relationship is hard work.

If anybody wants to know more about me or ask more questions, please feel free to leave a message on this blog or in my profile.


Midnight Starr

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1 Response Mar 2, 2010

Yet, my soul mate and I neither date nor feel the past life experience. She and I are simply connected at the soul. Love grows from us and outward to those around us. We tend to pick each other up and know how to be present for each other. <br />
I thought I had married my soul mate, but what she had to offer and what I had to offer was for each other's souls, once that was depleated, we grew apart. I thought that I had met THE SOUL mate for eternity, then she got scared, dove into a bottle and ...<br />
The spirit can be fed by any soul, soul mates ... I don't know, there's a comfort, a feeling, a knowing, no judgement, a sence of belonging that surpasses ... It is difficult to describe. I feel for all who are single and without soul mates. My soul mate and I have been single together, in seperate places, and now, she's all partnered up with someone who does not want a spiritual life, and she's happy that the two of us can talk about those "silly things" so she doesn't have to. <br />
Soul mate do not need sole posession.