What Is It That I Am Looking For?

I sometimes question what it is that I am looking for, if it's real that is or even possible! A soulmate or kindred soul, someone who knows me like no one else. Someone that I can let in and see the side of me that no one else does. One I can Bare my soul to! They see me for me buut still want and love me for me, no matter what. That's the part they Want me, Not need me!  To find someone who Wants to be with and in my life. I want to feel, do , and be everything above in return as well. I'm looking for a Best Friend and then a Lover all rolled into one being! I know she is out there. I just hope she knows I'm out there looking for her too!

BrokenForever BrokenForever
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13 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I have a marketing job for you. Where are you located?

Thanks for reading and the comment. Yeah that's how it works for me too.

I hope so! :)

She knows and your patience will be worth it

Thank you Bella! :)

you want loyality, honesty and most of all well read the "marriage blessing" and that describes it all I had a problem with a guy who was Arrogant and he didn't fall into the marriage blessing at all and like I said do what makes you happy you are a great person and you are blessed with being authentic where as most aren't .... Bella

Thank You Lonewolf sweetie! No I don't take it as a lecture my dear. LOL... No Worries.

I find myself asking the same thing. Soulmates exist, but its not all going to drop into our laps. there are so many interesting people in this world that unfortunately, get "weeded out" in most people's quest for their soul mate. I always say that if you keep your mind and heart open, and not let yourself fall into that one particular "perfect" person. When we do that.. we may be closing off that one special person that could have made our lives happier. It's just a theory i have on human courtship. Why do you think so many super models, or the rich are always so unhappy? because life, and love doesnt bend to our will. Ok not trying to lecture to death :P but dont give up and remember to keep your heart open, because if some doors are closed.... that certain someone cannot get in! Good luck in your quest for love, it will happen one day :)

Dont hope - believe - as hope can entail possible failure.<br />
<br />
Believe that there are many girls and guys out there that you can have a special relationship with.

Wow.....keep that hope alive. Sounds like my hearts cry for sure.

Thank You!

You will see her one day, in the most unlikely place You will notice her first and very soon she will look in your direction (and you will know that she's going to, as soon as you notice her) your eyes will meet and the future will be your's and her's together from that moment <br />
A beautiful moment xxxx

hay.........<br />
<br />
she is out there...he is out there.........it's just that we are yet to meet em.<br />
<br />
just hang in there....ok<br />
<br />
It will happen...just the way it's meant to be..<br />
<br />
I know what exactly you are looking for. I found that. But it broke me. Turned me in to dust and disappeared as if it never knew me...<br />
<br />
Ugggg.........that hurt...it’s going to last for a life time<br />
<br />