I had to recreate my account and need friends lol anybody interested feel free to add me lol I like video games, drawing, i don't judge anyone, and i have a thing for tickling lol
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Wonders about your thing for tickling :)

just wander around the site finding people you think are interesting and have experiences you respect, you will soon meet some people for you I am sure

What type of video games? Like console gaming, or Computer gaming?

Both. I had to stop PC gaming for a while because I made the horrible mistake of playing "Five Nights at Freddy's" at 3 in the morning with my door shut. Like to have woken up the whole neighborhood with my screaming lol

Lol, I PC game as well but I haven't played Five Nights at Freddy's. I am usually on Twitch all day, So I've seen people played it, I've only jumped once though lol.

Oh dude the experience is soooo much more intense when you're actually playing it! I watched Markiplier play it on YouTube, and he inspired me to try it out.......now all I feel is regret lmao XD

If you think that was scary, you should try PT I kid you not, that game will make "Five Nights at Freddy's" look small xD, even though I haven't played it, but watched people play it, I've got to say.... I'm so glad I didn't play it😱

OH DON'T EVEN REMIND ME ABOUT PT! OHHHH I've watched people play it too, AND I played it like a dumbass....it scared the everloving out of me, and I was playing it at daytime XD

XD the only thing that ruined the game was that long puzzle at the end x.x that ruined the entire experience! So many amazing games are coming out soon.. I can't wait b

I can't wait either because they're already makeing a FNAF(five nights at freddy's) 2! :D

Lol I didn't know that, I think one of the games I really wanna see is The Witcher 3 that game looks amazing.

I haven't played The Witcher 1 or 2, but I'l check them out. We should be friends :) add me?

Sure sure, good friends lol. And yeah I haven't played any of the other Witcher's but their graphics were terrible.

well have to go. i'm going to a baseball game lol see ya around? :)

Of course, I'll message you later when I think you're home :3 Bye bye

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