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Hi! there, this group has mainly been created so that any of you job hunters out there can share ideas, experiences and hopefully vent any frustrations and joys along the way.I have been unemployed since May 2009 and although I have two years experience of Administration and at present gaining I.T. qualifications - Still there is a constant struggle with finding any Admin vacancies. Mainly because of the recession, but also they are a popular choice specifically for people who have found themselves needing extra cash in these times and who have previous experience or who wish to change direction or industry. For me personally, this job search hasn't just begun since the loss of my previous job in May 2009. Since 2006 I have been changing my career path from a Retail to an office one, which isn't an easy feat by any means.Especially when you have 13 years of retail behind you and then have to start a new one right at the very beginning - doing filing and working your way along. So as you can imagine, for the recession to come along shortly after this progression, was a huge blow for me personally. The only way forward as I see it now, because there is too much time on my hands I have to gain as much extra qualifications as possible before entering into the office world permanently again. Which I have every intention of doing by using and focusing all my energy into it even if the world economic crisis still continues.........persistence pays. 
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im from Egypt m 27 i dreaming to stay in London and work there going to chelsea match by the way its my Favorite team when u fond 1 to u self try to search for me ;)