Trying to Reconnect

I have been trying to find people with whom I once went to school!  I went to classmates and put in the years I went to certain schools but I cannot find anyone!  I went to many schools throughout my life; there ought to be somebody in these sites that went to some of the schools I attended!  I do admitt I dont remember a whole lot of people but I do remember quite a few! and I keep checking back as I think of a new person

LOL I remembered today a boy that used to sneak up behind me (in the 10th grade) and pop the back  of my bra!  His name was Larry and he had a twin sister Lyn; their last name was Overfelt

Well, that is about it; the end of my pathetic little story!  Does anyone have any ideas or tips that may help me locate some past friends, family, or aquaintences? I would appreciate hearing if any of you were more successful than I at this kind of endevor! 

Thanks in advance for any helpful input!

samaritan samaritan
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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

YES, I have tried classmates and myspace, too but have not had much luck! Tomorrow I am going to get signed up with facebook! I have been having some trouble with my laptop & am going to take it to my grandson to get it resolved! Thanks for you suggestions; I appreciate each one greatly! God Bless You All!

have you tried facebook? People I went to school with that I have not talked to in over 10yrs came out of nowhere in mass numbers. Might help ya out.