One Girl In Particular (repost)

I hate to love and love to hate that my ex-classmate who was there when you were in my life is at the same college as myself. I want to find her and chat but I stop myself because I think it would be a mistake, a pointless, unconscious effort to bring back the past and do things right. She reminds me of you.
I also remember she was one of the few in that class years ago who never bullied me. Once I was trying to talk to you and you rejected me; she then asked me a simple question and I snapped at her. I really feel so bad... I wish I could say I'm sorry but she may not even remember. I wonder if she knows we're at the same college, if she remembers me. I wonder yet more if you remember me.
& to top my frustration, she's a top student too.

naranja naranja
26-30, F
Mar 10, 2009