Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for a PhD (Chemistry) opportunity in UK, Aussie or New Zealand. I don't know much about applying for them. I do know a PhD in US will take 5 years and the three countries i've mentioned only takes 3 years. So are there any special requirements (like an internationally published research paper) that will help me get a scholarship for a PhD in these three countries??

I know UK and Aussie are good countries to get placements in, but i don't know so much about NZ, does anyone know?

Also should if i do my IELTS exam will it also be valid if i want to apply to US? (I think they want us to take TOEFL)

And if there's anything else i should know, please i would really like your advice a lot.

Thanks!! :)
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1 Response Aug 23, 2014

Perhaps skipping the short cut and putting your effort into achieving your PhD the same way as everyone else will make it mean more. After all working for something has it's own reward and adds value.
We have lost much as a society due to the constant need for instant gratification.