All My Close Friends Have Moved Do I Start Over?


I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 10 years, and have discovered that its the kind of place where people come to live for a few years and then move on to "start their lives."  I slowly watched great friends disappear for new jobs, to start a family, attend business school, travel the world, etc....Obviously friendships can continue over the phone so the friend is not lost, but a rock climbing partner, a dining companion, and someone to site and laugh with about life on a lazy Saturday is.   

I meet plenty of acquaintances but have a difficult time crossing the threshold to friendship.  I have tried  sports clubs, meetups, work friends, and boyfriend's friends but discovered they do not take the place of those really good friends that you tell everything to and always trust for advice on dating, fashion, family, career and well, everything!  One of the trickiest things is finding others out there that are also looking for new, solid friendships and not just collecting acquaintances. 

In the interest of finding a really close friend that I can 100% be myself with, my sister came up with a website idea – what if there was a free website for making friends that functioned like an online dating site where people in the same geographic area were matched up based on common interests with the ultimate goal of meeting up outside of cyberspace to do the things they like to do and develop a friendship? 

We are now in the fledgling stages of, but I am optimistic that  I will find a great new best friend (the kind of person I can have fun in a wet paper bag with).  Perhaps others here that share this experience will find it helpful also.








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Great idea! I am 33 and also live in the East Bay, let me know if you want to hang out sometime... I know, it's hard these days to make friends... I am not sure what I'm doing wrong... sad to say I'm 33 and I still have not found that best friend :( although on the good side, I am in a good relationship but it just isn't enough when they want to hang out with their friends, I want to have a best friend to hang out with as well when he's busy so I don't seem "clingy"

what afantastic idea.i hope it takes off.i am sure it will.i would of loved a site like this ages ago.i have been on dating sites before in the hope to just make friends gonna join.keep us all posted on how it all goes.i wish id of thought of it myself.i can c it really taking off after a while.beware u are gonna be busy i can feel this.Which means u may nt have the time for frinds at first but u have yr sister.what a super idea,just what is needed.

true and sincer friends are rare.. like diamonds .. but best of luck for you.. do not stop and search them out..<br />
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You are funny and I would love to be your friend,,and not just to get people to be your friend we could start our own sister circle....spirit women unite,,,stand up for whats right,,,,Namaste,,,,mary

I understand your plight! The sight is very interesting. I'm going to sign up right now.