Look For Me Here

Just wounder if I add this as a goal would I get the cold shoulder from the people from my circle or how many would recognize it as a cry for attention ..... Well it's not a cry for attention , just testing the water for humor , and I wounder how many would find this to be funny at all .

In all seriousness who would advertise that they were looking here on EP .

Mind you I have , but no takers     no one thought me worthy

It silly at time how so many put so much effort to keep the profile decent and politically correct , those conscious of the universe ,or rather uptight undies that could use a little space .< What is this diapers ?

Wow ! I bet those bubble heads are an annoyance , it almost seem that I just discover them .


Now I need some sort of profound statement to end


  Nope ! that would work .


I'll have to get back to it later .


g9 g9
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18 Responses Aug 3, 2009

Friend me a u can see what u would get from me...

wouldn't get the cold shoulder from me!

Later next week it shall be , apologies on bailing .

We do try to entertain , glad you enjoyed .

Spectator permitted with or without tickets ,but the ride begins with all of you joining the ride . All aboard !

OMG, G9 may the force be with you on the landing. Then again, a bronco coaster will be nothing short of two twin tornadoes taking you on the thrill ride of you life! Tickets...tickets please! NO RIDE WITHOUT A TICKET! I'm with Kitten, this will be great to watch.

You are hilarious!!!<br />
And something strange is definitely going on here. Something that has to do with roller coaster rough ride and being a bronco rider, with or without spur. I have no idea. I guess I'll just stand by and watch. But for my own safety, not too close. :)

Fantasy life going on here , don't mind us , or just hop in .LOL

It always has been my fantasy to be a bronco rider , spurs or not ?

there's something strange going on, here...

Then right it will be who ya!

Land on the peaks ? left or right ?

I'll cover myself with chocolate and be right over , that was Orion?


PTMAN was that a boast ?<br />
<br />
Mystic what other currency will accept I seem to have none off what you requested .

What do you expect in payment ? I don't keep fuzzy navel hair as a currency anymore , or what is the new galactic currency ?

i have a past history but i don't think anyone here would give good refrences. maybe one or two.

What are your qualifications , I'm going to need reference and past history .