Look For Me Here

Just wounder if I add this as a goal would I get the cold shoulder from the people from my circle or how many would recognize it as a cry for attention ..... Well it's not a cry for attention , just testing the water for humor , and I wounder how many would find this to be funny at all .

In all seriousness who would advertise that they were looking here on EP .

Mind you I have , but no takers     no one thought me worthy

It silly at time how so many put so much effort to keep the profile decent and politically correct , those conscious of the universe ,or rather uptight undies that could use a little space .< What is this diapers ?

Wow ! I bet those bubble heads are an annoyance , it almost seem that I just discover them .


Now I need some sort of profound statement to end


  Nope ! that would work .


I'll have to get back to it later .


g9 g9 41-45, M 19 Responses Aug 3, 2009

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Friend me a u can see what u would get from me...

wouldn't get the cold shoulder from me!

If everybody on earth could have a free for all sex party at the same tome I believe at least 75% of the people would step outside their house in a nude. We all want to drop our inhibitions right along with our underwear, but the world have rules and we all try to abide by them. We are taught at a young age not to trust strangers. Therefore, we keep our secret fantasies to ourselves, or on line where we cannot be recognized, hopefully.

Later next week it shall be , apologies on bailing .

We do try to entertain , glad you enjoyed .

Spectator permitted with or without tickets ,but the ride begins with all of you joining the ride . All aboard !

OMG, G9 may the force be with you on the landing. Then again, a bronco coaster will be nothing short of two twin tornadoes taking you on the thrill ride of you life! please! NO RIDE WITHOUT A TICKET! I'm with Kitten, this will be great to watch.

You are hilarious!!!

And something strange is definitely going on here. Something that has to do with roller coaster rough ride and being a bronco rider, with or without spur. I have no idea. I guess I'll just stand by and watch. But for my own safety, not too close. :)

Fantasy life going on here , don't mind us , or just hop in .LOL

It always has been my fantasy to be a bronco rider , spurs or not ?

there's something strange going on, here...

Then right it will be who ya!

Land on the peaks ? left or right ?

I'll cover myself with chocolate and be right over , that was Orion?


PTMAN was that a boast ?

Mystic what other currency will accept I seem to have none off what you requested .

What do you expect in payment ? I don't keep fuzzy navel hair as a currency anymore , or what is the new galactic currency ?

i have a past history but i don't think anyone here would give good refrences. maybe one or two.

What are your qualifications , I'm going to need reference and past history .